Angkhola Supreme

Angkhola Kukri gets a new make over and now its Supreme because of this wonderful features invested. It is heavier, effective, deadly and dependable.

Blade Length: 33 cm
Weight: 2000 gm
Price: US$ 84.99
Khukuri House
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Nepalese Original Kukri


Dharan- East Nepal


Hi carbon tempered steel blade, Steel hardness-spine=25 RC, belly=46 RC, edge=55 RC, buffalo leather scabbard, Indian rose handle
Khukuri House

Product Description

This new kukri by (Khukuri House Thamel) is one of the best ever kukri produced or handcrafed by man. The reason being so is because of these features invested into this wonderful kukri. The size of this new Kukri is 13” making it heavier, more effective and fierce looking. Handling bigger power needs better dependable characteristic so why the Rosewood handle is given a finger grip manner that gives one the perfect grip when one holds the Kukri and not to loose it or slip when in action.

The blade is an Angkhola shaped Kukri which is the nicest shape for a Kukri to have to be more deadly when in use. The shape gives the blade a thicker spine, wider shape and excellent weight. And to top it all, a flat tang blade that runs till the end of the handle can be seen which a must is for Kukri this big for better strength and durability. A metal ring too at the back of the handle has been made for a cord to go in for strapping. Bloster is also made for hand guarding.

This new Kukri is just perfect for everything. Although slightly larger and heavier than the standard army kukris; this Kukri will be more efficient because of its size, weight and the improvised handle.

Blade Specifications:
Blade Length: 13 Inches (33 cm)
Handle Length: 5.5 - 6 inches (15cm)
Spine Thickness: 0.9cm - 1cm
Net Weight: 1000 grams - 1200 grams
Shipping Weight: 2000 grams (2kg)
Blade Finish: SemiPolished



Angkhola Supreme
Khukuri House
Khukuri House
Khukuri House
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Angkhola Supreme
Khukuri House
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