1. Which Khukuri?
  2. How to order and Pay online?
  3. How to Calculate the Shipping Cost?
  4. How to find out the Shipping Status of my order?
  5. How long is the Delivery Process?
  6. Shipping Method:
  7. What are offline payments options?
  8. What about Custom Rules and Formalities?
  9. Which cards are acceptable for online payment?
  10. Can I ship to APO or POB Addresses?

Which Khukuri?

At KHT, there are many types of Kukris. Click Kukris Catalog and then select the Khukuri categories you are after. If you never owned a Kukri before, KHT suggests you get a real Army kind first as these are the blades which made Gurkhas famous. If Army, click Army, a wide varieties of army Kukris will be presented. Go through them all and select the ones you like.

Likewise, if you are after traditional type, try category like Village, Decorative, Kothimora etc.

If you are after a real working kind, try the ones which are in the Unrefined - Unpolished category or the Village as they are often unfinished as they are for real rough use. Know your needs as blades are heavy for heavy duty and some lighter for lighter use. But please note that all KHT blades can be used even if they are polished.

If you want just to collect or display, try Decorative, Dragon, Kothimora or the Special category. Some Kukris will have beautiful scabbards made out of wood and horn. Some carved with dragons using domestic hand tools; some have silver scabbards and some have rare antler horn handles or white buffalo horns.

If you want blades that are extra ordinary from the ordinary then try the Xclusive or New Products category as there are newly crafted blades with improvised feathers by the most skilled craftsmen of KHT to showcase KHT's talent.

How to order and Pay online?

  1. Click "View detail/info" to get more information about the product and click "Add" to order. The chosen product will appear in your shopping cart.
  2. Click "Checkout" if you are done with shopping, click "Update Cart" to update any changes made in the cart or click any other Kukri or category to buy more. When done click "Checkout".
  3. Fill in the "Billing and Shipping Address" with your information and mention anything you have in the comment box. If nothing, click "Continue".
  4. Review your order information carefully (For any correction needed for "Buyer's /Receiver's Address" click "Change Buyer's/Receiver's address" and make changes.
  5. If all is well, Click "Place your order". Enter your Credit card Information and pay online.

How to Calculate the Shipping Cost?

To find out shipping cost, you can simply mail us @ info@khukuriblades.com or follow the procedure of online ordering and come to the page where the total price is calculated after filling in billing and shipping information. Check for the shipping cost.

How to find out the Shipping Status of my order?

An email will be sent to the buyer by KHT's cargo agent (Atalanta Traders) with the shipping detail. Airway Bill Number (AWB) or the package tracking number and the Courier Company used will be forwarded. Using their website, you can easily find out where the package is.
"Note: As thousands of shipping (mailing) occurs through different countries in a day.
There is a good chance that your Tracking No. may collide with other shipment/s with the
exact same number. In a case like this, it is recommended to distinguish your shipment from the rest by checking the origin of the shipment which is Katmandu, Nepal.

How long is the Delivery Process?

The delivery time entirely depends on the type and availability of the product ordered. Khukuris "in stock" would be delivered within 10 -15 days and "out of stock" within 20 - 25 days. Nonetheless, we assure you that our processing, forwarding and delivery activities would be as early as possible unless other reasons such as shortage of raw materials or Nepal's political disturbances occurs. KHT will inform you in those cases.

Shipping Method:

KHT uses DHL, TNT, FedEx and USPS for its mailing services

* Order processing + forwarding = 4 - 6 days
* Legal procedures (formalities + documentation) = 1 day
* Shipping (source to destination) = 5 - 8 days

What are offline payments options?

Bank Wire Transfer (Bank Fee at Buyer's End)
Western Union Money Transfer (Service Charge at Buyer's End)
Bank Draft or Cheque (Bank Fee at Buyer's End)

What about Custom Rules and Formalities?

We declare all Kukri/s as "Souvenirs from Nepal" or "Traditional Handicrafts from Nepal" under the GSP code provided by the Nepalese Govt. We also make all the required documentations and favorable billings so that clearance and collection can be swiftly done at the customer's end. However if the importing laws of a country requires permit and others (as every country has their own laws and we have to get abide by it) then our shipper will notify the buyer to fulfilling the legal steps needed to clear the
order from the customs. After releasing it will be delivered at the home/office location of
the buyer (the final destination) by the shipper.

Which cards are acceptable for online payment?

VISA (Credit and Debit Card)
MASTER CARD (Credit and Debit Card)

Can I ship to APO or POB Addresses?

Delivering to "Military (APO) Address" or POB overseas is possible. KHT uses EMS Nepal to get this done as it works better with APO addresses. However, the only problem with the APO address is that once KHT's shipper delivers it to the concerned place then the status afterwards of the order is unknown to KHT. Concerned mailing depart handles it in its own way so KHT cannot be very sure on its whereabouts. KHT would therefore recommend a "Standard Address" in which each and every move of the order can be traced. Nonetheless if you insist on APO address then APO it is.