Khukuri House Thamel, established in 1993 has proved to be the best manufacturer of Kukris in Nepal. This achievement is largely due to its strict adherence to quality and customers satisfaction. Through these years, KHT has come up with many varieties of kukris, some that already existed, some KHT newly discovered and some this house designed on its own to improvise and to keep the legend of Kukris and Gurkha alive. Before KHT, any kukri was considered " Gurkha knife" no matter what the size, the material and quality but now KHT has beautifully classified these kukris into many groups so one can learn the types and buy the one s/he wants.
Be aware of Imitation:
Khukuri House Thamel, estd in 1993 has proved to be the best manufacturer of kukris in Nepal. Of late, some kukri shops and their sites have come up which deals in imitation of our kukris. We strictly caution our customers to be aware of such scamps and pledge to uphold the reputation of genuine kukri manufacturer.
Brigade of Gurkhas Plaque
Regimental plaque of the Brigade of Gurkhas for collectors
Blade Length: 0 cm
Weight: 600 gm
Price: US$ 29.99
Khukuri House
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15"Siru Special
Price: US$ 79.99
Kukri Blades
Historic unrefined
Price: US$ 44.99
Kukri Blades
Vintage Sirupate
Price: US$ 149.99
Kukri Blades
Hansheeya Angkhola
Price: US$ 99.99
Kukri Blades