Panawal Gripper (Enhanced)

"The great Panawal" gets even greater with a enhanced look. Its bigger now and with a finger grip handle for BETTER grip.

Display stand 1

New display stand for your Gurkha blade just found at Khukuri House. Beautifully engraved Flindersia Xanthoxla (Latin name) wood with Gurkha Regimental Badges.  A good piece of wood to buy if your Khukuri blade is lying some where.&

Chitlange aluminium handle

This newer Chainpure known as Chitlange with better looks and touch has aluminum handle for longer lasting.

15" Sirupate Chire

Sirupate 15" long blade for more longer reach is more like a machete clearing things shorter kukris can not reach. This Siru is crafted in such a special way that is has 3 Chiras.


This new "Ganjawal:Remade" is made with a flat tang blade making it more stronger handle and the new color leather making it more stunning.


Welcome to Khukuri House Thamel. We are proud to present the Legendary Kukris. kukri a medium-lenght curved knife each gurkha soldier carries with him in uniform and in battle. In his grip, it is a formidable razor sharp weapon and a cutting tool. In fact, it is an extension of his arm. When his rifle misfires, or when his bullets have run out, a gurkha unsheathes his kukri and makes his final " do or die " run on the enemy in a fury to finish the business. Discount Khukuri How To Handle Khukuri


Khukuri House Thamel is the manufacturer and distributor of the finest Kukris in Nepal. Established by Mr. lalit Lama, an ex-British Gurkha Warrant Officer in 1993 is the first genuine Gurkha Knife store in the heart of thamel (tourist area) in Katmandu, Nepal.


Khukuri House would like to share this wonderful news and is very proud to be a part of this wonderful event. Prince Henry of Wales "Harry" on his on going official visit to Kathmandu, Nepal, was presented a Beautiful Khukuri Blade, text engraved honoring Harry by the Nepal Army. This Majestic Khukuri was made by Khukuri House. What an awesome honour for this house.
Kukri, Khukuri, khukri, kukuri, kookuri, no matter how you call it; it always refers this curved sharp metal carried by Gurkhas; the most feared weapon of all.

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