Khukuri House Thamel has come up with few safety precautions one needs to go through before handling a kukri in order to ensure safety of oneself and to others and also to a kurki.
  1. A kukri is a sharp blade tool which can be used for many useful tasks. Treat it with respect.
  2. Take time to learn how to handle a kukri.
  3. Draw kukri as shown or directed.
  4. Griping a kukri is very important and should be done the right way. A loose grip can cause the kukri to slip and cause serious injury.
  5. The end tip of the handle can sometimes dig into one palm. If that’s the case, file it flat with a filer.
  6. Make sure you always strike your target with desire strength at same spot with the sweet portion of a kukri for more effective cutting. Make sure no obstruction gets in its way.
  7. Kukri being a sharp weapon can slice most targets much faster than expected, so do not assume that the target will stop the kukri dead.
  8. One should also determine the right kukri to use for the right job. Do not use thin lighter blade to chop firewood. You will be spending extra energy and time. While you may also feel the unpleasant shock that can hurt your palm also. Lighter kukri is good for smaller branches, clearing bushes, gardening etc while heavier blades are best for heavier duty work or for harder targets.
  9. Know your target. Ensure your target is softer than your kukri and to know that try scrapping or peeling your target. If kukri succeeds to make a bite to the target then you are most likely to get the result. If vise-versa, better not strike the target.
  10. Lastly, GO SLOW.
Super Chitlange
The very famous Khukuri blade "Chitlange" has Mini two Chitlange blades inside its leather scabbard instead of the regular "Karda and Chakmak".
Blade Length: 30.5 cm
Weight: 1500 gm
Price: US$ 89.99 99.99
Khukuri House
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