What people says about us.
Hi Sanjay,
Just thought I should let you know, I recieved all 7 of my new kukris today, and they are all exceptional! I was suprised at how heavy the 18" is and the carving on it is exactly as I'd hoped. I was also very pleased that you wrapped them the same as you did when I was in your store in Thamel. I'm very happy with the kukris, the quick shipping and the over-all service that you provided. Please extend my thanks to the rest of your staff, I wish you the best of luck, and I look forward to future purchases with you. I will recommend you to everyone I know who wishes they could have one of my Kukris!

Duane Shapka

Dear Sanjay,
I am very pleased to tell you that I have received my Historic Kukri today.
Thank you for accommodating me by changing the order.
I am very satisfied with my Kukri and will be ordering a 15" Sirupate very
It is a pleasure to do business with you.

Thank you and best wishes,
Ralph Esemplare

Just had my blades deliverd and i fell in love straight away with them they are amazing i will be back next month to buy more,i collect knives and swords and these are my favorite the smell of leather when i opened them is fantastic i cant thank you enough well i can ill buy more and recamend you to as many people as possible.

thanks again all the best James Wright
Milton Keynes

The kurkis you sent are indeed impressive. Functional and robust, they are a fine example of the knifemakers art. I am happy to see that your shop sells real kukris and not tourist souvenirs.


Mr Lama,
Moments after I sent the email, my knife arrived.
It's a beautiful knife that I will proudly show off to my friends and relatives.
You can be sure I'll buy all my Khukuris from you, and recommend you to anyone who asks me.

Best wishes,
Severo Palacio/USA

Dear Sanjay and all at Khukuri House,
Many thanks for my brass Angkhola and the Chainpure special aluminium. They have arrived safely and are both fantastic.
Please find attached a photo of my Gurkha wall. Thank You.
Best Regards. Colin Smith.

i have bought several khukuri blades from khukuri blades and will only buy from khukuri house thamel. i always deal with sanjay who is always very friendly helpfull and very professional. i have had the pleasure of working with the gurkha whilst in the parachute regiment in the 60s so i know what a khukuri is and how it performs. for anyone thinking of buying a khukuri you will buy from sanjay with the knowledge that you are buying a genuine khukuri. thankyou very much sanjay for your unwavering service. kindest regards  brian oxfordshire united kingdom.

Dear Sirs,

Greetings from a rainy England. With reference to my recent  order No: KH 933. The order arrive today. I was amazed at the quality of the workmanship and the prompt and efficient service i have received.The Khukuri is a splendid addition to my collection and i shall recommend you to my friends.

Thankyou once again.
Kind regards
Mr M.T.Charman

An avid wilderness survival enthusiast dissatisfied with the performance of commercially available outdoor knives, I wrote to Sanjay asking if he was open to producing a custom knife to my specifications. He gladly accepted, and his team  of expert Craftsmen immediately began working with me to create the best knife I have ever owned. I have used it for everything from chopping and splitting wood for fire, making tinder, cutting Paracord and numerous other tasks. It performs as well or better than knives three and four times above its price point. I have used nearly thirty different knives in the field over the last twenty years and out of all of them, Sanjay's is my favorite. 

Throughout the production process he kept me updated with photographs and prompt communications and much more quickly than expected the finished product arrived at my door. 

For the last three years I have used the knife made by Sanjay almost exclusively. Expert craftsmanship, fast shipping and top-notch service make Khukuri House Thamel my first and most-trusted choice.

Many thanks to Sanjay and company for all your work. 

Dear Sanjay,
Greetings from Bridgewater, Massachusetts.

I received the Kukris and stand yesterday and they are beautiful.  All arrived safely.  The historic is already proudly displayed in my family room.  The super mini Jungle will be a gift for my son.

Thanks to you and all involved.
Best Wishes 
Jeff Illsley

To Sanjay,
I received my Angkhola Supreme khukuri today, I would just like to say a big thank you to you and your team. I am extremely pleased with the quality
and craftsmanship which went into making this blade coupled with the customer service which you give makes me a very happy customer. I would not
hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking to purchase a khukuri. Cost, quality and customer satisfaction are second to none.
Thanks again
G Bennetts

Hello Sanjay, I just wanted to let you know that I have received my Khukuri blade this morning, and I must say it is an extreme work of art. I am so pleased with this piece that I will be placing an order for another kukri blade in the next day or so. And I also like the Ghurka hat, it shows quality and craftsmanship. The blade, there are no words to describe the quality and craftsmanship, it is truly a work of art. And also a great piece of history. Thank you Sanjay, and once again, I could not be happier with this blade. It is so
Much better made than the most expensive knives I have. Your people are truly great and honorable people, and not just for knives but just the pride and honor that you have in anything you do. 

Regards Joe

I'm very happy to own your high quality product, which is a great panawal khukri with enhanced grip.I ordered last week and I got it 4 days later. Your service is absolutly brilliant. I will encourage my friends to buy from you. I'm sure that this ordering won't be the last ordering. Thanks a lot. Best regards.

Joseph Hideg
ERD, Hungary

Hello Sanjay,

Just to let you know that the Khukuri was delivered safely yesterday. I'm very pleased with it and complements on your excellent service.

Myles Fitzgerland
United Kingdom

Package arrived safely 9 May 9.30. No damage. Very pleased with knife.
With thanks and best wishes.

Noel Maw
East Boldon

The knife arrived. I cannot tell you how beautiful this weapon is. The workmanship, history and energy of this knife are breathtaking. I am amazed at the balance and quality. The Ghurkas are heros in my opinion. When/If my article gets published I will make sure you get a copy.

Your friend forever,

Charles J. Ellis

dear sanjay,

this is better than i could dream, this will do fine for all the work i need. the handle is great, the scabberd is a little tight but im sure it will get more lose in time. i love it and will be buying more over the years and telling my friends where i got it. thanks you have out done yourselves.

good day
Darrell Blaney

Dear Sanjay, 

Very pleased to confirm delivery.  Shipped Kathmandu 19:31 on the 15th August, arrived Broadway 11:00 on 17th August!  Congratulations to your Shipper & TNT.

It's a very nice piece of kit - extremely well balanced, thank you.
Jim Hughes

Sanjay Hi,
All three have reached me safely & in good order - with DHL.   Much thanks.   I need to do a bit of work to ease the Afghan in its sheath and the Whacker will be a perfect tool for splitting firewood.  Many thanks too for enclosing the headgear, which will have a special name in Nepal?
Thank you again for the speedy delivery of the blades.
Best wishes for continued success - Martin/ Malta

I have just received my servis Kukri and i am very pleased with it ,excellant quality thanks to all concearned cheers.

Gary Allen
United Kingdom



The Angkhola supreme and stand arrived today. Thank you so much! the blade is razor sharp and quite heavy. I am very impressed with the quality, it is obviously hand made and the kukri is awsome, it is in perfect shape, packed well, and read for serious use. Thanks again for the great blade, and customer service.

Avihai Ostchega

Dear Sir  Sanjay Lama.  I received my Kukri on Thursday 20-09-2012.   Best Regards,  Stephen Grimshaw. Thank You. UK.

I received my Angkhola Supreme today.  Put me on the list of 100% Satisfied Customers.  Wow is all I can say. I am an avid fighting knife collector.  This is a weapon, a very very serious weapon.I can honestly say that I was a little skeptical about the quality and workmanship of this weapon.  Once I unwrapped it and held this beast in my hand any
skepticism I had was gone.  This is a finely made weapon that is meant for rugged abuse. If any of your potential clients have any sort of reservation about the quality of the craftsmanship of your knives let me tell them this.  The quality of workmanship that goes into these knives is outstanding.  I was extremely impressed, my knife collecting friends were extremely impressed and I will have my second order to Sanjay very soon.Thank you for your craftsmanship and if you want to put any
of this on your website please feel free.

Will Beene

Hi Sanjay,

Thank you for contacting me so quickly, your professional attitude
 is great. I will be ordering many Khukuri in the future from you.
 You MUST use my e-mails in your testamonials, Khukuri House Thamel has a
great reputation and if anyone wants to contact me to verify this, they can 
contact me at <coobyboy04@yahoo.com.au> . I wish you and your
 co-workers health, happiness and prosperity.

yours sincerely,
 Peter Roeth
west australia 

Received Ultimate knife today, 3 working days from Nepal to UK, the knife is stunning, your customer service is second to none and I would not hesitate in highly recommending you , in fact will go out of my way to tell people what a fantastic experience ordering from you is.

Sandhurst, UK

I have just recieved my new blade and damn it's beautiful! Great workmanship has gone into this Khukuri and i'm sure all of them do. That is why i will be getting one or two more in the future.
Thanks for everything!

Calgary, Canada

I recieved my kukri today, and it is exactly what I had been hoping for.

Thank you,
Toby Rand

I received my order on Monday 24 September 2012,and I must say they are very beautiful ..You are right,The DK stunner and case are indeed fantastic.The ELI knife is perfect in my hand.Thank you and your TEAM for the best knifes and SERVICE in this life time.Your loyal customer--Don Vieau in Nanaimo,British Columbia,Canada..

Dear Sanjay Lama,
     I have received my Junky Jungle Kukri. I'm very happy with the kukri. And thanks for the postal.

Pablo Molina

I received the knife and am very pleased with the craftmanship, material, and rapid service.  Thanks.

Nicolas Arretche
Bremerton, Washington.

Dear Sanjay,
I received the Biltong - it's great.
Thank you very much.
I shall keep looking at the web site and will probably purchase another

John Maw
south shields

Dear Sanjay Lama,

To let you know that my Khukuri arrived today, and it was worth the short wait! I had been looking for a while for a Khukuri that could replace the ones passed through my family that unfortunately were destroyed in a flood. The one I bought from you, Jungle Afghanistan, has certainly gone towards it. The scabbard is also lovely and rugged. I will definately be buying another from your shop. Please pass on my regards to your staff. If you want to put this on your testimonials, then please do.

All the best to you all at Khukuri House Thamel.

Alex Shah
Essex , UK

Sanjay i received the Eli khukri today and when i opened i was completely amazed on the craftsmanship,quality,and so forth fantastic blade this khukri is amazing i'm spreading the word on the quality of this blade to everyone i know Thank You ...........

Dear Sanjay:   My "Whacker" safely arrived yesterday and it lives up to all your claims of high quality; it's a beautiful tool! Thank-you for the brass letter opener; it now lives on the table next to my antique Tibetan fire-steel pouch. Thank-you for the prompt and courteous service in sending the khukuri.

One question: If I order more than one khukuri at a time would the shipping costs be substantially lower than buying them separately? (I may start a small collection).

All my weeds tremble in the face of the "Whacker"!

Thanks again, and Namaste,

Timothy Averill

Hello Sanjay,

Today I received the khukuri blades by TNT courier here in Australia.   I am very happy with the items and look forward to ordering more from you in the future.   You have a very professional company, from your excellent communication to the way you wrap the khukuri blades.  I am very impressed.

Thank you for the complimentary letter opener, and your excellent service.

Marc Gleadhill
QLD, Australia

As a serving S/Sgt in the parachute regiment, I write to commend you on the excellent Kukri i recieved today, I have had the pleasure to work with the Gurka Regiment and believe they are some of the finest soldiers in the world.

Thank you again for a fine service.


I have just revieved the blade I ordered. I must say that it is far more impressive than I was expecting. Its out-right beutiful! Thank you for all your work and expert craftmanship. This blade will no doubt serve me well for many years to come.

Josh Reynolds
Gilbert, USA

Dear Sanjay,
The Kukri Cowboy I ordered (Sat 9/22/2012 @12:52 AM) arrived today (Fri 9/28/2012) and it is great. Thank you so much for your prompt service and excellent workmanship.
I do look forward to doing business with Khukuri House, Thamel in the future.
Thanks again,
Charles Hepler

Sanjay Lama,
My Khukuri arrived yesterday and I just wanted to say thank you. It is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. I have wanted to have one of these since I was a young boy and now I do. I am very proud to own it. 
Best wishes to all at Khukuri House.
Chris Kolaczan

Sanjay, my friend!
My three blades arrived today!
What a joy to come home from work to find the package on my doorstep, TWO DAYS after you said it had shipped! Two days from Nepal to Seattle,WA, USA is simply amazing!
I unpacked them, (lovely wrapping paper too!) and cleaned the shipping oils off them and now, two hours later, I am still amazed at the quality and care which has obviously gone into the creation of these wonderful Khukris!
I’ve just returned from a expedition to my back garden where I was attacked by a small 5cm tree, which was defeated with four swift strokes from the Jungle Model blade!
Once again, I am So Very Pleased with the service I’ve received from you and your craftsmen! My regards to Mr. Lama, as well!
Be well, my friends!

Ron Goins

Seattle, WA USA

Dear Sanjay,

Just received the khukuri's they are beautiful just as i had hoped. Thank you for your speedy service. I look foreward to buying more in the future.
Thank you.

Daniel Harrington Jr.

Hi Sanjay,
Yesterday I received my two Kukris, I was very excited and very happy to see that they are what I had expected. I am still excited and can't wait to finish work so that I can again examine them. Now I have to save for my next order. Thanks for the excellent service.

Andrew Tricker
Port Coquitlam

Hi Sanjay, received Kukiris thank you, very impressed with the quality and presentation we love them, will defiantly reccomend you and will come to you for any future orders, thanks once again.

Anthony Beeching

Hello Sanjay,
I received my blade today and it looks amazing the carvings and the quality of the blade itself is very good it's also well weighted and feels and looks great to handle.
when it arrived i was happy at how securely and well presented the blade was in the parcel it arrived coated in a thin layer of oil that was easy to get off the blade, also the Nepalese newspaper is nice touch too!.
The stand is very strong even to the point that i had trouble getting the actual stand parts in the cut out slots on the base but that said i'd personally rather it that way as i'm 110% confident that if i ever accidentally bump into my shelf at night knowing that the stand wont fall apart and drop a 1.5KG blade on my foot :) .
Everything about your service is fast and you answered all my questions spot-on and without hassle and was always really polite and helpful and i am sure that i will use your website if i ever want or need to purchase another Khukuri again!.....

Also thank all your workers/staff and mainly the people who helped craft my blade as it looks outstanding to the point that i ask myself and wonder how could someone make something this good by hand?..... its a true lost art!

Thanks..... Connor