Panawal Gripper (Enhanced)
"The great Panawal" gets even greater with a enhanced look. Its bigger now and with a finger grip handle for BETTER grip.
Blade Length: 33 cm
Weight: 2000 gm
Price: US$ 79.99
Khukuri House
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Nepalese Original Kukri


Dharan- East Nepal


Hi carbon tempered steel blade, Steel hardness-spine=25 RC, belly=46 RC, edge=55 RC, buffalo leather scabbard, indian rosewood handle, 1 x small knife, 1 x sharpner
Khukuri House

Product Description

The "Great Panawal" gets even greater with its new enhanced look. Panawal that was already greater with its hefty weight and immense power behind the blade got even better with finger grip rosewood handle and with a bigger blade making it even more greater, powerful and strong.

This new kukri is perfect for travellers and villagers going into dense forest of Nepal who might need more than a small kukri or machete to make his trip easier and safer; keeping in mind what one needs to face when you're in for it. The 13" blade gives you longer reach and the xtra lenght gives you xtra weight making it more effective while hacking and whacking.

Blade Specifications:
Blade Length: 13 Inches ( 33 cm)
Handle Length: 5 - 5.5 inches (14cm)
Spine Thickness: 0.9mm - 1.1cm
Net Weight:850 grams -950 grams
Shipping Weight2000 grams (2kg)
Blade Finish: Polished


Panawal Gripper (Enhanced)
Khukuri House
Khukuri House
Khukuri House
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Panawal Gripper (Enhanced)
Khukuri House
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