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Khukri House
  Khukuri House
Kukri Making
" Nepal, a country of thousands of tribes, among them; a clan who is called Biswakarma (Biswa meaning world and karma meaning makers) or known as Kamis, the lowest caste in Nepal are the makers of Khukuri Knives. Khukuri making is one of the oldest professions within the Kami casts. Their source of income has now improved due to Khukuri House Thamel paying them well respecting their talent in knife making. More than 15000 Kamis have been involved in the making of Khukuris in Nepal. Among them, this house has selected expertise to make khukuri. Khukuris are made all over the world but the quality and the workmanship cannot be compared to those knives made in Nepal by Khukuri House Thamel."