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Khukuri House
  Khukuri House

Newer Nepal Army

This new khukuri could be the next Nepal Army issued khukuri. They had it designed and this House was happy to craft for them and it has become a great new blade but yet to be approved by the Nepal Army officials. Its time they change the old style.

Historic (Pride)

This famous kukri "Historic" gets a new look and name from the symbols on its blade. We carefully engrave all the famous Gurkha Regimental Cap Badges; famously known as the "Brigade Of Gurkhas

Chitlange Little horn

Chitlange little gets a better looking water buffalo horn scabbard and handle.

Sirupate 13''

This leaf like kukri is slim in spine making it lighter, longer for longer reach and easier to handle

Kukri I-Saw

Probably the first time ever a Kukri crafted this way. This Kukri blade is just like the blade of a Saw that is why this new Kukri blade by KHT is known as the "Kukri I-Saw".

Kukri Knive Kukri Knive Kukri Knive Kukri Knive Kukri Knive
Kukri Knive Kukri Knive
Welcome to Khukuri House Thamel. We are proud to present the Legendary Kukris. kukri a medium-lenght curved knife each gurkha soldier carries with him in uniform and in battle. In his grip, it is a formidable razor sharp weapon and a cutting tool. In fact, it is an extension of his arm. When his rifle misfires, or when his bullets have run out, a gurkha unsheathes his kukri and makes his final " do or die " run on the enemy in a fury to finish the business.
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Kukri Knive
Khukuri House Thamel is the manufacturer and distributor of the finest Kukris in Nepal. Established by Mr. lalit Lama, an ex-British Gurkha Warrant Officer in 1993 is the first genuine Gurkha Knife store in the heart of thamel (tourist area) in Katmandu, Nepal.
Kukri Knive
Thank you all for the over whelming response from this Xmas offer 2014. We are stopping it today "Dec 15" as announced. We are now doing our best to have them all delivered to you before Xmas. 
Thank you all very much. Enjoy the Free Gifts. 

Kurki, kukhri, khukri, kukuri, kookuri, no matter how you call it; it always refers this curved sharp metal carried by Gurkhas; the most feared weapon of all.

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